Lavinia Turra

Born in Bologna, the red city of culture and art; she grew up among women who cut and sewed, she frequented ancient tailors as a child and learned the love for this job.


Her profession was born and grew with the use of her hands, which know and use not only colors and pencils, but above all materials, fabrics and fabrics, using scissors, needle and thread.


He arrives at this work through an attraction and a long road of “connivance”, “complicity”, assiduous participation and personal study, linked to art, painting, theater, because anyone does all this with a little scruple and passion, knows the debts that the world of making has contracted and contracts every moment with the universe of art.


Curious by nature, the personal relationship and listening are the basis of her creative ability to “dress” because the dress “must represent the woman and not disguise her”.

Lavinia Turra
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